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Cable Phasing Meter & Sticks Power Line Maintenance Home

Cable Phasing Meter & Sticks
Cable Phasing Meter & Sticks
Cable Phasing Meter & Sticks

Cable Phasing Meter & Sticks

Product Code : 4183 CP


Cable Phasing meter

Model :4183 CP


The 4183 CP is a cable phasing meter that offers a quick method of measuring voltage and determining phase rotation of underground distribution systems using the capacitive test point of elbow connectors


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High Voltage Multifunction Phasing Sticks

Models: PC7K, PC117, PC22K, PC33K & PC44K


The New PC range of high voltage multifunction phasing sticks are All-in-One, a Phase Comparitor with colour coded scale indication, a Voltage Detector with Neon Indication and a Scaled Voltmeter.They are all available in five models for applications up to 44kV systems (6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV,33kV and 44kV)


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