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High Vacuum Transformer oil Purifier Hv Power, Power Generators & Maintenance Equipment Home

High Vacuum Transformer oil Purifier
High Vacuum Transformer oil Purifier
High Vacuum Transformer oil Purifier

High Vacuum Transformer oil Purifier

Product Code : HVTP2500


High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier





Transformer oil conditioning machine is suitable for conditioning transformer oil and drying transformer insula­tion.


The oil-conditioning machine is mounted on a compact under carriage with suspension springs and pneumatic tyres. Screw jacks are provided to release load on tyres during operation and to level the machine horizontal on the ground.  The complete machine is provided with sheet metal casing with necessary doors providing access to all controls and is suitable for out door operations.


The machine is designed for the following operations:

 1.         Conditioning of oil i.e. degassing, de-watering and filtering of transformer oil.

                 2.         Evacuation of transformer


1.         Conditioning of oil:


The oil, besides acting as a dielectric barrier, also carries the heat way. On the other hand, it absorbs water and gases from the atmosphere and solid insulation ageing products during service, resulting in a considerable decrease in its break down voltage, insulation resistance and increase in dielectric loss factor. Even commercial oil is seldom sufficiently pure for direct use in high voltage equipment, being subject to contamination in transport containers and liable to absorb unacceptable quantities of moisture and air because of contact with atmosphere.  


Conditioning of the oil eliminates,


  1. Solid impurities        
  2. Free and dissolved water
  3. Free and dissolved gases


By degassing, de-watering and filtration, or breakdown voltage of the insulating oil can be substantially increased



1. Ferrous and non-ferrous particles of above one mm in size are arrested by magnetic filter (2) provided before inlet gear pump.


     2. Filtration of solid impurities is carried out by non-hygroscopic filter cartridges of high dust holding capacity. 


b. Degassing and Dehydration  


     Evacuation of the degassing chamber causes the water content in the oil to evaporate.  The water vapour and gases released by the oil are extracted out from the degassing chamber by the vacuum pumps.  At entry into the degassing chamber, the oil is distributed and directed through Raschig ring columns.   The packed Raschig ring columns ensure distribution of oil into a thin film thereby maximizing exposure of each particle of oil to vacuum.



High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Model  HVTP2500

Model  HVTP3500

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