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High Voltage Detectors Power Line Maintenance Home

High Voltage Detectors

High Voltage Detectors

Product Code : 276 HD, 276 SHD, 285 HD


High Voltage Detectors

Model 276 HD

            276 SHD


Model 276HD detects the presence of voltage in AC Lines, an elongate insulation rod permits checking of high tension circuits at safe distance for voltage.

The equipment is compact, light weight, and easy to handle, also available for voltage detection in low-tension circuits








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High Voltage Detector

Model 285 HD


285 HD  High voltage detector is primary used to detect the presence of an alternating filed.

It shows identification of AC voltages from 3kV to 7kV.  285 HD has a large LCD that is housed in an ABS enclosure. 285 HD can be attached to the cable by a large metal clip and can be secured with a cable tie.

The high voltage detector senses the radiated magnetic filed surronding the cable and shows a live warning sign on the LCD 




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