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High Voltage Proximity Detectors Power Line Maintenance Home

High Voltage Proximity Detectors
High Voltage Proximity Detectors

High Voltage Proximity Detectors

Product Code : 270 HP


High Voltage Proximity Detectors

Model: 270 HP


The New Smart-Prox 270HP  is a smart high voltage proximity deteector. It is Microprocesser Controlled. The design is exclusive and has no equivalent to date.

It has ten voltage detection settings from 240Vac to 275kVac as standard and can accommodates up to 11 settings for customs application.

The Smart-Prox 270HP is a "Fail-Safe" design with an internal pickup Sensor coupled to a permanet diagnostic test pulsing system, a rotary sensitivity selector, a powerful red flash light and a high pitch buzzer all driven independently from each other.


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High Voltage Proximityr Detector

Model 275 HP


Model 275 HP is a high voltage proximity detector, it has eight voltage detection settings from 270Vac to 275 kVac. The 275 HP consists of an internal pickup sensor plate, a sensitivity selector, a visual and a sound annunciator. with the 275 HP, physical contact with electrical conductors is not necessary when testing for live line.

This tester works by proximity


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