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Product Details

Hot Stick
Hot Stick

Hot Stick

Product Code : HST****


Hot Sticks


The material of hot stick is F.R.P that has excellent insulation

It is rugged and reliable, they withstand voltage of about 100kV/5 min for 30 cm long


Model Number Extensible tube Max Exten. length (cm) Min Contraction Length (cm) Diameter of handle (mm) Weight (kg)
RD-01  1 PCS 135 135 26 0.6
RD-02 2 PCS 255 140 30 0.8
RD-03 3 PCS 380 145 34 1
RD-04 4 PCS 515 150 38 1.5
RD-05 5 PCS 650 150 43  2.1



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