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Product Details

Sieve Shakers
Sieve Shakers
Sieve Shakers
Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shakers

Product Code : AWSS-RX Ser.


Sieve Shakers



Is an electromagnetic driven machine designed for medium to light testing applications. the unit operate with 8" or 200mm diameter Test sieves and require minimal space, the WSS-200 performs very precise consistent sieving tests, the  standard unit include 99 minute timer, see-through top cover, Machine cover and guide rods.



Simple and low cost motor operated sieve shakers activated by an electric motor can hold upto 8 sieves dia 8" or 200mm plus pan and lid, complete with 0-60min timer



The RX-29 & RX-30 have a unique two dimentional operation, a horizontal, circular motion and a vertical, tapping motion.



Oscillations per Minute :278

Oscillation Displacement: 1" X 0.75"

Taps per Minuite: 150


Maximum Number of Test Sieves
                        MODEL                  NUMBER OF SIEVES
AWSS-RX-29 (8" or 200mm Dia) 6, w/FH Pan 13, w/HH  Pan
AWSS-RX-30 (12" or 300mm  Dia) 4, w/FH Pan 10 w/HH Pan


High Capacity Sieve Shaker


Ideal for sizing test samples of crushed stone, sand gravel, slag, coal, coke, ores. pellets and similar materials,

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